Changing the way you
think about a frame.

Aura is a smart frame that automatically displays the best photos from your phone.

How it works

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  • Photo Overload, Solved

    Aura automatically creates photo collections of the people who you take pictures of most often. Eliminating the need to go through and manage your photo library.

  • Static Becomes Dynamic

    Aura uses Smart Selection, updating your frame with new photos as you take them. No need to regularly check the app to select photos – your best pictures will just appear on your frame.

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  • Cutting The Clutter

    Aura will avoid photos that are low contrast, blurry, duplicate, low resolution, or contain nudity. Only displaying your
 best photos.

  • Remember To Share

    Effortlessly share photos directly onto someone’s frame. Give Aura to your parents or grandparents and you’ll become their favorite child without lifting
 a finger.

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  • Once Complicated, Now Simple

    Aura is designed from the ground up to be super simple. It has no buttons, is controlled 100% through the free app, and does not require constant management.

  1. Unlimited Storage

    There’s no photo collection that we can't handle. Sync one or a million photos to your frame.

  2. Under Lock & Key

    Your Aura Frame is private and secure. No one will be able to access your frame or photos unless you invite
 them to.

  3. No Subscription

    There are no additional fees
 or subscriptions.

  4. Totally SFW

    Aura uses sophisticated nudity detection to make sure no embarrassing photos are ever displayed on your frame.

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Meet Aura

  • Ultra-High Density Display

    Your photos will look just as beautiful on your frame as they
 do on your phone.

  • Gesture Control

    Change photos with the wave of a hand.

  • Landscape or Portrait

    Aura will optimize your photos to match your frame’s orientation.

  • Energy Conscious

    Goes to sleep when you turn off the lights or leave the room.

  • Auto Dimming

    Your frame’s display stays the perfect brightness, no matter the time of day.

  • Many Ways To Display

    Hang your Aura on a wall or display it on it’s stand.

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A picture frame–reimagined.

Relive all your favorite memories.
Available now for $399.

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