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How it works

Aura Frame on Wall Aura Frame on Wall
  • The Perfect Gift

    Aura is the gift that literally lights up the room. After you give someone an Aura, you can instantly send as many photos as you want, from your phone to their frame.

  • No Social Media Required

    Aura lets you share your favorite photos directly to your loved ones’ homes — instantly, privately, and without going through social media.

Aura on Table Aura on Table
  • Designed To Be Simply Beautiful

    Everything about Aura is beautiful. The frame, with jaw-droppingly clear display, makes an elegant impression in any room. Instead of feeling gadgety, it’s a natural way to display photos in your home. The Aura Frame has no buttons and is controlled 100% through the free Aura app, so your whole family can drop in their photos — or simply sit back and enjoy the memories.

Aura in the Living Room Aura in the Living Room
  • Absolutely Unlimited

    There are no limits to the number of loved ones you can invite to add photos to an Aura Frame, or the number of photos an Aura Frame can display.

  1. Stunningly clear

    Photos display in vibrant clarity, presenting family photos beautifully.

  2. Timed perfectly

    Change photos at a pace you choose, or let Aura show you something new when you walk into the room.

  3. Private

    Share special memories with loved ones — no social media required.

  4. Easy-to-use app

    Simply choose the photos you want to share, and which frame(s) you want them to appear in.

Aura App for iPhone

Get the free Aura App.

Aura App on the iPhone

Meet Aura

Aura Quartz Frame
Aura Charcoal Frame
Aura Seaglass Frame
Aura Rose Gold Frame
  • Ultra-High Density Display

    Your photos will look just as beautiful on your frame as they do on your phone.

  • Gesture Control

    Not in the mood for that photo? Don’t have the app nearby? Change photos with the wave of a hand.

  • Smart Slideshow

    Aura takes cues from its environment and will change photos based on its surroundings. You can also set it to change on a timer.

  • Energy Conscious

    Aura uses a minimal amount of energy, and the display will automatically go to sleep when the room gets dark.

  • Auto Dimming

    Your frame’s display stays the perfect brightness, no matter the time of day.

  • Many Ways To Display

    Hang your Aura on a wall or display it on its stand. Landscape or portrait, Aura will optimize your photos for the best fit.

Aura Frame in the Kitchen

A picture frame–reimagined.

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