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The Magic of Motherhood

By Aura | May 20, 2021

Being a mom is all about the beautiful memories you make with your kids. To celebrate Mother's Day, we chatted with new mom and Aura fan, Farah, about life with her little one.

1. What’s the best thing about being a mom? 

The unmatched joy and happiness it has brought to my life. Just listening to his laugh fills my heart. I love seeing the world through his eyes and experiencing things for the first time with him.  It’s like a whole new world and experience. Now I understand when people used to tell me there is no love like this. 

2. Tell me about the day Sandro was born.  

Everything started out very calm. I had to be induced due to gestational diabetes, but I was able to stay calm the whole time through the meditations I learned in my Hypnobirthing class. 

The last 35 minutes of labor were very dramatic and scary, but we were blessed with a very strong healthy boy. I am beyond grateful for this. After his delivery the rest felt like a blurry dream. I just couldn’t believe I actually had a baby! 

3. There's a lot to a name! How'd you come up with the name Sandro? 

Well, his official name is actually Roland Alessandro Luchian. Sandro is more of a nickname and also what I prefer to call him. Roland is also his father’s name which was important to my husband. He wanted a little mini roland!   

Alessandro is the masculine version of my middle name, Alessandra.  I was born in Piombino Dese Italy, where my family spent many years. They wanted me to have an Italian middle name, which I am so happy to pass on to Sandro. Sandro is just a short version of Alessandro. I hope we can take him back to Italy to visit in the near future!  

4. What’s he like? Tell me all about his personality? Is he more like you or Roland? 

 I would have to say he is a perfect mixture of both of us. Very strong willed, hard headed, intensely vocal, wild, very active, thrill seeking, social, and incredibly charming. The charming part most likely comes from his grandmother;) 

He really has a strong and funny personality. He is constantly making us laugh. He loves people and always waves and smiles.  I feel like I’m with a celebrity when we go out because he attracts so much attention. I call him Mr. Naples sometimes - we live in Naples, Florida. 

5. What’s your favorite memory you’ve made with Sandro so far?

It is so hard to choose because there are so so many. I would say the time we have spent together in nature. I make sure to take him outside for daily walks or trips to the zoo, botanical gardens, or the beach. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place with warm weather.  He loves to name and touch everything he sees. These are really beautiful moments we share. As soon as he wakes up in the morning he says “Out”! “Walk”! He is definitely just like me in this category. 

 I also cherish our journey with breastfeeding. It started out being so difficult and emotional, but eventually it became much easier. I have loved this experience so much. There is really nothing like it and it has made us so close. 

6. What's the first photo you uploaded to your Aura frame? And why?

A photo of Sandro of course! Because he is the most beautiful person in the family!  He is our biggest and most cherished accomplishment. 

7. What do you like about your Aura frame? 

First of all I love the aesthetic. It has a modern and simple design that works very well in our home, and any home really.  With a toddler in the house we don’t like to have many things on countertops for Sandro to throw across the room. 

After he started walking I took down all of the photo frames on tables in the living area. The Aura frame is so nice because it’s just one frame that we keep in a safe place with all of our favorite memories. I like that it is easy to change the photos as well. Anything to make mom life easier!