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The 2020 Aura Holiday Gift Guide

By Aura | December 10, 2020

This year, we’ve all been looking for different ways to stay connected with our family and friends. That’s why there’s no better present to give than long-distance gifts that bring your loved ones closer. And we have just the perfect thing to help you stay connected during the pandemic. 

Explore our gift guide to find the perfect memory-filled gift for anyone on your list. You’ll even be able to shop for those that you think are “hard to please.” We guarantee there is an Aura digital photo frame for everyone. Science says photos help you to reminisce about the good times which can increase happiness. Who wouldn’t want a mood-boosting gift?  

1. New Parents: They’ll want to display the baby on their digital photo frame

New parents only think about the baby when you ask them what gift they’d like! 

You obviously want to get them something that makes them feel special, but satisfies their needs. The Carver frame in White Chalk can do just that! Not only can the new parent display thousands of baby photos, but they can also have a little something for themselves. Our Carver frame is so easy to use, the new parent will spend less time setting it up and more time snapping photos of the baby to add to the frame.  

These parents won’t have to worry about missing any of their favorite memories ever again. 

Carver Frame on Shelf

2. Virtual Teacher: This wifi frame will guarantee a big smile

Ask any teacher. Virtual teaching is a challenge. They’ve worked hard all semester, of course, they deserve a gift that makes them feel loved and appreciated.  

With its sleek design, the Carver in Charcoal will fit beautifully on anyone's desk. They’ll be able to admire high-res photos in-between Zoom calls and reflect on past days in the classroom. 

Your kiddo’s teacher will grin from ear to ear, once they discover their new Carver wifi frame allows them to display more than one vertical photo at the same time and intelligently pairs them at that! 

Stardust frame on shelf

3. Newlyweds: The fanciest digital photo frame for this beautiful couple 

The newlywed couple in your life already has too many pictures to keep track of. You can take sharing memories in their home off their plate with our Sawyer frame in Mica.

They’ll fall in love with their wedding portraits all over again when they realize the frame has the highest resolution. This gift will be the most unexpected and far from the average wedding gift. Everyone else’s personalized gifts will just have their name on it, but yours will showcase some beautiful memories. You’ll be excited to see that Harper Bazaar thinks we’re a great personalized gift too. This digital picture frame’s elegant design will remind them of their wedding night along with the beautiful pictures they display.

4. The Grandparents: No need to be tech-savvy with this digital picture frame

Your grandparents constantly ask for more photos, now they can display them all on their Sawyer frame in Shale. We already know what you’re thinking… “Gram and Gramps could never operate a digital picture frame!” But rest assured, Aura frames are easy to set up and use. The Wall Street Journal even calls Aura the perfect grandparent giftHere's why:

  • Pre-set their WiFi credentials and the frame will connect straight to their WiFi network (easy!)

  • Prepare the frame with pre-loaded photos and a gift message that will pop up once connected

  • Photos will automatically change - no need for manual swiping!

  • Any invited frame member can remotely upload more photos and also control the frame settings if Gram and Gramps need help

  • Set a timer so the frame turns on and off at a specific time (or set it to automatically turn on in the morning and off at night when the room is dark!)

The frame requires WiFi to work, so make sure your grandparents have WiFi in their home. But, even if they don’t have a smartphone, you can share photos and manage the frame settings remotely. To pre-enter the WiFi network name and password and avoid any setup hassle on their end, be sure to ship the frame to yourself first. Then follow the steps in the Aura app to enter the WiFi info, add some photos, invite family, and more! Click here for more information about how to personalize your gift and deliver joy to someone special this holiday!

5. Long-distance cousin: They’ll forget about the distance with this digital frame

Missed your cousins at the Thanksgiving table this year? Aura makes it easy to share photos with your favorite people no matter the distance. Our Mason frame in White Quartz is one of the best gifts that promotes family bonding

You won’t have to wait for them to log on to Instagram to show them your fav photos, with their new white Mason frame. Your cousins will appreciate the funny throwback photos you upload to the frame. 

Mason Frame on Shelf

6. Your loving parents: A digital picture frame for their favorite family memories

Your parents always say they don’t want anything this year, but you know they deserve everything and more. Give them the most meaningful gift... endless memories. 

Our Mason frame in Graphite will fit perfectly with their other home decor, they won’t think twice about where to put it. While everyone else takes their advice to get them nothing, literally; you’re sure to win Christmas this year. 

Your parents will be able to upload unlimited photos of their favorite child, which will clearly be you after this gift. They’ll be excited to know you did your research on the best digital photo frame for mom and dad through Wired’s gift guide. 

Smith Frame on Shelf

7. Design-obsessed sibling: This digital photo frame is a work of art 

For the design-obsessed sibling that always pays attention to the small details, we have the perfect digital photo frame. Give them the gift of art that can be filled with unlimited memories. Our Smith frame in Black Onyx is every design lover's dream. They’ll admire the hand-drawn pattern that we obsess over. This frame will be more than a way to share unlimited photos, it’ll also be your sibling's new fav art piece! 

Aura digital picture frames are the perfect gift to give this holiday season, especially now that we’re connecting with our loved ones from a distance. We’ve simplified holiday shopping. When you order more than one frame you can have them shipped to multiple addresses. Quick. Simple. Thoughtful. No matter who you have on your list, we’re sure they will love the memories you share on their frame.

Click here for more information about how to personalize your gift and deliver joy to someone special this holiday!