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Style Your Digital Picture Frame Like an Interior Design Pro

By Aura | January 1, 2024

If you recently invested in a digital picture frame like Aura’s, you may be wondering: how do I style this in my home? We tapped into professional interior designer Michelle Beamer to get her best tips on seamlessly incorporating digital frames into spaces like bookshelves and gallery walls.

Designer styling a shelf

When Styling Shelves, Variety is Key

Be sure to incorporate items in different colors, textures, sizes, and dimensions. Stack your favorite coffee table books vertically and horizontally, and use items like vases and bookends to add height. An Aura digital picture frame, like the sleek and neutral Walden, can seamlessly blend right into this kind of shelf styling – you can even place it atop stacked books and pedestals if you'd like to raise your cherished photos to eye-level.

A Walden Aura Frame on a shelf

Creating an Artistic Gallery Wall

Incorporate digital frames into gallery walls alongside art, prints, paintings, and mirrors. Be sure to hang your pieces the same distance apart, but don’t worry about strict symmetry for the whole composition.

"I don't think the art has to match at all, but I do think the frames need to be the same or very similar,” advises Michelle. “Don't use ornate frames as it can be distracting in multiples.”

A Walden Aura Frame hanging from a wall

Conceal Cords

While some cords inherently stand out, Michelle says that people too often get hung up on them. “The reality is many interior design pieces have cords that hang down. Art picture lights, wall sconces and table lamps often have cords that are designed to be seen as a part of the fixture. The cord on Aura’s new Walden frame is like that, and it is especially easy to work with because it's a white fabric wrapped cord (not shiny and distracting), which makes it very unobtrusive. Additionally, you can run the cable behind other frames/pieces below it to break up the line. Simple!”

Personal Photos Belong in Your Home

According to Michelle, it’s important to showcase personal photography in the home, but she recommends choosing visually compelling shots when possible. With a digital picture frame, each displayed image becomes a piece of art worthy of presentation. 

“With the Walden frame, its display is so crisp and beautifully adjusts to the level of natural light in the room, it really amps up your photos. I personally prefer to put my more artistic, well composed shots to take advantage of the gorgeous digital display.”

Refresh Regularly

One advantage of digital frames is you can upload multiple photos (unlimited with Aura!) and display them in rotation. When placed on a gallery wall, Michelle suggests at least 10 minutes per photo so viewers can appreciate each one; if they are well-curated photos, people will want to look at them. Aura makes switching images easy with its swipe gesture control and customizable timing.

Digital picture frames allow you to showcase beautiful photography without the clutter of multiple frames, and when curated with other meaningful possessions that reflect your personality, interests, travels, and memories, you can create a more personalized and inviting space that makes your house feel like a home.