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Meet Aura's Photo Widget: Put Frame Photos on Your iPhone's Homescreen

By Aura | November 11, 2022

At Aura, we’re proud to be a space for families to curate all their favorite moments, big and small. Like the ultimate family album, you can enjoy photos and videos in the free Aura app, and framed on beautiful display at home.

Truth: Our iPhones already do an incredible job capturing and resurfacing our photos, but we wanted to take it a step further. Enter: our brand-new iOS widget, which spotlights photos from your Aura frame right on your phone’s home screen. It’s a great way to take a curated selection of photos with you, wherever you go.

Our newest software feature allows current Aura app customers, when invited and connected to a frame, to feature a slideshow of that frame’s photos on the homescreen of your iPhone or iPad. Did you and your siblings gift a frame to your parents that you all add photos to? Now you can put those photos on your homescreen so you can enjoy them, too. 

How to add Aura as an iOS home screen widget: 

  1. Install the latest Aura app on your iOS device running iOS14 or newer. 

  2. Hold down on any icon on your iPhone home screen and select “Edit Home Screen” and your applications will begin to shake. 

  3. Hit the “+” in the top left corner of your screen and the widget control center will pop up. 

  4. You can type “Aura” in the smart bar, or scroll down until you see it listed. 

  5. Click the Aura Logo and you’ll then be presented with two different sized widgets to choose from. 

  6. Select your preferred widget size, and then choose your frame from the pop up menu that appears. 

  7. You can repeat this process if you’re a contributor on more than one Aura frame.


Declutter your home screen and put your photos in a prominent position to be enjoyed whenever you open your phone. You can set the shuffle speed to display your archive of photos as quickly as every minute, or enjoy the same photos for multiple hours.

The new widget feature joins an innovative lineup of free Aura features. Recent updates include an in-app photo scanner for easily adding printed photos to frames, and AI-powered Colorizer tool that transforms black and white photos into full color like magic.

New to Aura? Explore Aura's line-up of WiFi-connected frames at auraframes.com.