Connecting to an Enterprise Network

If the network you are using requires you to enter an individually issued username and password (enterprise network), you can connect your Aura to this network using the Aura app.  

To connect the frame to an enterprise WiFi network, you will need to use an iOS device. At this time, the Android version of our app does not support WiFi setup on an enterprise network. However, once you connect the frame to enterprise WiFi using an iOS device, you can then control the frame on an Android.

Here is how you connect your frame to an enterprise network:
  1. If it’s your first time setting up a frame, open the Aura app and tap “Set Up A New Frame”. If your app is already connected to a frame, open the Aura app, tap “Frames”, tap “Add A New Frame” and tap “Set Up A New Frame”.

  2. Tap “It’s plugged in”.

  3. Make sure the numbers in the pairing page match those displayed on the screen. Tap “Next”.

  4. Tap “Connect Now”.

  5. Select the wifi to which you wish to connect. 

  6. Enter your username and password to access the internet.

  7. Next you will be asked to name your frame. Hit “Okay”.

  8. Invite family members or skip this step. 

  9. Enable notifications or not

  10. Click “Let’s Go”.

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