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Aura Frame in Walnut Aura Frame in Walnut

Living with Aura

Discover why Aura is the easiest way to view and share photos with the people you care about.

The smartest frame in your home

Automatic brightness

The frame adjusts brightness on its own, so the super high resolution display is never too light or too dim. Aura wakes itself up in the morning and goes to sleep at night.

Want to keep the frame on in the dark? Set a schedule that works for you in the Aura app.

Interactive frame controls

Wave your hand left or right in front of the digital frame's sensor window to change photos. No app required.

Swipe up to view details like when and where a picture was taken, or share the love with the person who added it to your digital frame.

Why Aura? See the difference

Aura’s top of the line LCD, built-in smart features, and free cloud storage set it apart. Enjoy all your photos on the highest resolution display on the market.

You’ve never seen a digital picture frame like this before. Try it out for 45 days - if you’re not totally in love send it back for a full refund.

Memories come alive

Aura makes it simple to send photos to frames from anywhere, any time. It’s the next best thing to in-person.

Invite the whole family

Instantly share memories big and small so you feel connected, even if your family is scattered across the globe.

The best way to share the moment

From phone to frame in an instant

Unlimited photo storage included

Truly unlimited storage means you can enjoy all of your photos on the smartest digital frame, plus invite as many people as you'd like. Sign into Google Photos from the Aura app to find even more photos to add to your frame.

Zero subscription fees. No hidden add-on costs. Plus, the Aura app is free to download.

Your photos, curated by Aura

Built-in facial recognition software sorts your photos and creates Smart Albums of your favorite people - even your pets!

Aura's smart curation and quality filters can save you time by organizing your photos and adding new ones to your frame. Our goal is to make sharing memories effortless.

Smart cropping and rotating

Aura uses smart crop technology to make sure your photos always look good. If your frame is in portrait orientation and you add a landscape photo, the app will auto position the photo to fit.

You can also adjust how your photos appear on your digital frame using the Aura app. Crop, zoom, and rotate with ease.

Give Aura, gift happiness

Add photos and invite family ahead of time for a personalized surprise. Skip the wrapping paper - Aura comes in a beautiful gift-ready box. Aura really is the best gift, for any occasion.

Gift Setup is only available for frames purchased directly from auraframes.com. Head over to the Shop page to get your Aura frame today.

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Handcrafted from walnut and finished with brass trim. Limited edition.