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Aura Analog


Deliver happiness to a loved one every month with five premium prints of your treasured memories. The first five prints are bundled with a complimentary frame in a gift-ready box. You can choose a later start date and a different address for subsequent deliveries.

The frame and first five prints will deliver 3-8 business days after you finish setup in the Aura Frames App.

The gift that sparks a thousand smiles

Deliver the perfect gift—a set of 5 premium prints and a handcrafted frame bundled in a gift-ready box. Every month after (starting on a date of your choosing), your loved one will receive 5 new prints delivered right to their door!

Purchase Aura Analog now and download the Aura Frames app to get started.

Choose 5 prints for your gift bundle, which includes a complimentary frame and a gift-ready box.

Send yourself the gift bundle when you're ready and set a start date for the monthly prints.

Brilliant prints that keep memories fresh

Farewell, flimsy photos: Analog provides four-color printing on heavyweight stock, with light-resistant gloss UV coating. Need the details? Photographer, location, and date are printed on the back.

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